Monday, August 24, 2015

Oh, Oh, Telephone Line. Give Me Some Time...

 On Saturday we did the Courage Ride. It was a ride to raise money for cancer research. A bunch of our friends showed up and we all tried to wear our Red Shamrock jerseys. Red Shamrock is an organization that tries to raise money and awareness for the needs of Cancer survivors. Two great causes in one ride.

The ride was in Amish country - my favorite. John and I had a mountain bike race to do the next day, so we only rode about 68 miles and did that at a relaxed pace with our friends.

The countryside was beautiful and the weather was almost perfect - cloudy to partly cloudy and about 74 degrees. The wind picked up quite a bit, so heading South was a challenge.

The best part about riding through Amish country, is that they still have working pay phone booths, in case the Amish people need to make calls. We were really mature and spent time trying to stuff the phone booth and listening to the automated operator telling us to "Please hang-up and dial again". It's been a long time since I've heard that message.

John and I got home around 2:30. We showered and John took a nap and I read my book and then John went to the store and bought fun stuff to put in the veggie lasagna I made. I also made beet salad and they were both extremely tasty.

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