Thursday, August 06, 2015

All Your Life You Were Only Waiting for This Moment to Arrive.

 On Wednesday we headed back to Iowa to meet RAGBRAI in Cedar Falls, but not before we had one last fling with South Dakota.

John found another great swimming hole called, Hippie Hole, outside of Keystone, South Dakota.

There were two ways to get there. The first was a quick half mile hike and the other was a longer, tougher climb and descent. We had wanted to do the shorter route, because we had to still drive 10 1/2 miles that day. John put it into Google Maps and they directed us to the longer, treacherous route. I was happy with it, because I love to climb, it just meant that we wouldn't get to Cedar Falls until later and have to set up our tent in the dark.

 I'm sure I would have been braver about getting into the ice cold water had we been there in the afternoon when the air was warmer, but this is what we had.

This is a series of me spazzing and trying to immerse myself in water.

 I got about knee deep...

 ...Until I finally wussed-out and gave up.

 This is a series of John not spazzing-out and trying to enter the same icy water.

He's already farther in than I got here.

Yea! He took the plunge and swam out to a cool rock in the middle of the swimming hole. I really wanted to swim out to that rock, but I couldn't take the cold. Wuss!

We headed back, but since there was no real trail, we weren't quite sure how to get back up and out to the parking lot.

Not a bad place to be lost though...

After finding this arrow painted in the rock, we figured we were headed in the right direction...

We headed to Iowa and met our group at about 9:45. I was exhausted, but it was nice to see all of the lovable freaks we ride bikes with. Even if I was WAY too sober to relate to them...

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