Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Hey Baby, We Like Your Pants

Here are some turkey tracks in the snow.

I've been a baaad blogger so far this week. I took yesterday off work, because it was in the 60's here and I wanted to bask in it. It was lovely.

Today we have sexual harassment training. I think they should really call it anti-sexual harassment training, because I doubt they will teach us to tell our male bosses to wear tighter pants, so we can throw pens down in front of them and watch them bend down and pick them up. If I'm wrong on that, I'll be sure to report back.


laura b. said...

haha! We always think that here too! I feel like I am being sent off to learn the most creepy way to say "Hey baby...did you know it's Hump day?"

SkylersDad said...

True story here. When I worked for the phone company we attended the mandatory bi-annual sexual harassment training. A new guy on the team actually said, "I can understand why we dudes have to take this by why are the chicks here"?

dmarks said...

Cue sound of too tight pants ripping.

"bi-annual sexual harassment".... there's a joke in there somewhere involving those who are bi only once a year.