Thursday, March 01, 2012

Every Day Is Dreamlike. It Seems Like

The Guy pointing to one of my favorite pieces in the show.

Sooo, The Guy's ex had her BFA art show and it just happened to be located in the building where I work.

The Guy's ex making her braids look like Medusa snakes, next to her self-portrait.

Since my building is only open during business hours, and those just happen to be the same hours both The Guy and our friend, G. work, I asked my boss if I could borrow a key and last night, The Guy, his ex and our friend G. and I all snuck into the building to check out the show.

G. was supposed to be making jazz hands but it looks more like she's getting ready to grapple.

Both G. and The Guy were very happy to be able to see the show.

The Guy's ex playing with one of my co-worker's ruler/magnifying tool.

When we finished looking at art, The Guy said he wanted to see where I worked, so we creeped around the cubicles and The Guy's ex bemoaned the fact that there were candy dishes, but they were all empty.


silly rabbit said...

I must agree with the guy's X... and empty candy dish is worth bemoaning.

I love art exhibits. Photography is one of my favorite medias.

How cool is it that you got to have a private showing?

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

It's the right.. no candy???


Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

It's not right..ha ha..

arg keyboard..

laura b. said...

A private show! Very nice. The Guy's ex's art looks quite good, like something I'd enjoy seeing.

Johnny Yen said...

You're a pretty good sport to hang out with your beau's ex! And yes, an empty candy dish is a sad sight!

dmarks said...

I assume The Guy took the medusa photo. If you had taken it, you would be turned to stone instead of him and not be able to blog.