Friday, March 09, 2012

I Used to Hurry a Lot. I Used to Worry a Lot.

Here's me "pretending" to look cold. It was actually windy and freezing that day.

Here is a quick overview blog post. Coadster is now in London. She is afraid to fly, so I was worried for her, but it sounds like she did just fine.

Here is a picture of me pointing to a bald eagle flying overhead.

Last weekend, The Guy and I ran the full 25K course of the race we're doing on St Patrick's Day. At least the last 5 miles of it are very technical trail running. After I was really tired, it was a big challenge to lift my legs enough to get over all of the roots and rocks on the trail. I did run the whole thing, but it REALLY kicked my ass.

The Guy showing off his new drink holster. I think he's ready for his spaghetti western now.

Saturday night we went out for dinner to a new place in town called Moon Raker's. Our friend E. met us, and we had good food, a great talk and a few drinks. I was pretty migrainey all weekend, so we went home early.

Me all splattered with road muck.

On Sunday we rode out on a gravel road course outside of Hills, Ia. It was cold and snowy and muddy, but it was a nice short ride.

That night, I made tilapia reubens for the first time. I don't think the tilapia had a strong enough taste to compete with everything else in the sandwich, but it was still good and it was worth a shot...


Steve Finnell said...

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laura b. said...

I'm glad Coadster did okay on that long flight. I bet she's having a wonderful time in London!
And I know you're having a wonderful time in IA :)

rel said...

I find talapia is a flavor carrier, not having any of it's own.
So hoping Coadster has a bang-up time in London!! How awesome for her.
I'm ashamed to admit to YOU, that I've let my aerobic training slip this winter... actually it has slowed to a halt. No excuses.

silly rabbit said...

Oh I am happy for Coadster! She is there now and having a wonderful adventure. Long flights do suck though.

You guys amaze me. I can't deal with being active in the cold. I am a real pansy about it.

dmarks said...

Roadside mud baptism. Cool.

Tara said...

I like the Guy's drink holster. The one I had was so bulky even before the bottles were filled with water.

I hope Coadster has a fantastic, memorable trip to London! Good for her for braving the flight!