Friday, March 02, 2012

And Feed Them On Your Dreams

Archie is a cranky old cat, when he first wakes up.

Last night I went on a lovely run with my friend E. after work. When I got home, Stinky was working on her financial aid form. Since it was her first time, she had used a .com address, instead of a .gov. She was on some page that looked like the FAFSA, but turned out to be something that you were supposed to pay for in the end. She had almost finished filling it out, before we figured out what was wrong. So, then she had to fill out the real form. Poor thing.

Heidi is such a pretty girl.

Luckily, Coadster called right when we needed her, and she helped Stinky get it all done. Coadster seemed pretty happy to help. She always likes to think that Stinky and I are helpless without her, even though it isn't true...For the most part.

Archie checking out the tea tray The Guy brought in for me on Sunday morning. Don't worry, he didn't fall in.

Tonight The Guy and I are taking Stinky out for her birthday dinner almost 6 months late. She went to a football game on her actual birthday, and then when Coadster and her boyfriend came home that weekend, Stinky forgot to ask for the time off of work. So, we went to dinner without her and then let her know later how nice her birthday meal had been. We're really sweet like that.

Anyway, we're finally making up for it tonight. She wants to go to a place called Blackstone and asked if she could order the appetizer of cheese they set on fire and everyone has to yell, "opa!" before they put it out. She likes to live on the edge, that one.


Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

All cats are cranky first thing.. they are funny creatures that

Heidi is pretty.. love those eyes!

That's great they can help each other out.. and you if need be.. he he he

I would love to find a place that let you yell at your food.. sounds like a blast.. and a much Belated Happy B-Day to Stinky!

NoRegrets said...

enjoy! sounds great! now I want melted cheese

laura b. said...

I think it is fun to sort of spread the celebrations around. Who wants one single day for all the fun...and that cheese appetizer sounds great!

Tara said...

I'm glad you guys caught the problem about the financial aid website before she had to pay for it! I also love it when siblings are helpful. :)