Monday, August 29, 2011

Turn Around and Say Good Morning to the Night.

The Guy appearing to pick his friend's nose...Even though they say you can't do that.

This weekend was nice and mellow for the most part. Friday night we had tempeh reubens and steamed asparagus and salad for dinner. We both read and The Guy worked on the wheels he's building for my bike for cyclocross season and then we walked a few blocks and got ice cream. Just my speed.

Our friend Bry, being judged by Captain Kirk in the future home of the captain's birthplace.

On Saturday morning, we went on a bike ride to Riverside, Ia. with our friend Bry. His real bike was in the shop, so he had his old bike, which kept flatting out. By the time we got to Riverside, he had run out of innertubes and we had to call my favorite bartender, S., to come and get Bry and drive him back to Iowa City.

The Guy and I rode our bikes home and then decided to take a nap. We did that thing where we took too long of a nap and I think I was getting a cold and when we woke up at 5, I was wiped out and useless. We decided to finally finish watching Dead Man. I've never been able to watch even part of that movie without falling asleep. Don't get me wrong, it's a good movie. It's just very, very slow. Saturday I made it through and didn't fall asleep once. Woot!

The Guy pointing out S., who was nice enough to drive to Riverside and rescue our friend Bry.

On Sunday, The Guy and I decided to try swimming, biking and running the triathlon course I'm going to do in a few weeks. Holy crap! That was tough. Apparently the biking and running courses are much hillier than normal courses and man did I feel it. I learned that I have to eat something in there. Which is hard to do and then run, but I'll drink Gatorade and have a bar of something during the bike ride.

We got home from that and took a nice, short nap this time. We got up and cleaned until our Czech friends came over to see our house and borrow some books. Then we walked with our friends and Stinky to Shakespeare's for dinner. We finished the evening by watching a silly zombie movie called I Sell the Dead. It was totally goofy, but it was a zombie movie, so it was exactly as it should have been.


laura b. said...

Sound like going through the course was an excellent idea. Now you know what to expect...and that you will need sustenance.

rel said...

Restoritive weekends are a good thing.