Wednesday, August 24, 2011

And the Feeling Coming From My Bones Says Find a Home

This pic of us was in our local paper's website in their report about RAGBRAI.

On Friday of RAGBRAI, we went from Grinnell to Coralville. Coralville is kind of like a suburb of Iowa City, so we actually got to sleep in our own beds and do laundry and torture our cats before the last day. Awesome, I know.

Our friend works for the state archaeologist and so we stopped at their booth.

We left our group and rode early to meet our friend. The Guy had to get to town pretty early so he could go to work and put a cast on one of his cousins. We rode pretty much straight through, without a lot of stopping or lolly gagging - which we never do with our normal group.

The kids in Coadster's Summer program getting ready to perform in their School of Rock style band.

It worked out well for me, as i had a lovely migraine all day. When we finally stopped at the Archaeology booth, I had to lie down and then took my meds. My meds make it harder for me to ride very fast, but I wasn't going to be able to ride at all, if I couldn't get my headache under control. The rest of the ride was just fine. I was exhausted, so when we got into town around two, The Guy took a shower and went to work and I took a shower and went to bed.

The kids performing at the Java House on Friday night. Very cool.

I woke up, just as The Guy was getting home. I had promised Coadster that I would come watch her show at a local coffee shop, She and the other guys she works with, got the kids to form a band. They could play whatever instrument they wanted, or sing and if they weren't comfortable getting up in front of a crowd, they could be screaming fans.

Coadster supervised the singers and changed the lyrics to a White Stripes and Lady Gaga song to make them suitable for children and at 7 on Friday night, all those little kids rocked our faces off. It was great. The parents went crazy taking pictures and video.

I got home around 8 and The Guy and I ate pizza and relaxed and got ready for our final day of RAGBRAI.


Tara said...

I love that shot of you and the Guy. You make a great couple!

Also, I love that Coadster and her coworkers formed a band and that she made the rock songs more appropriate for the kids. That sounds like so much fun!

Johnny Yen said...

What a fun weekend! It's wonderful that you've found someone who wants to share life's journey by your side.

MrManuel said...

Migraines have to suck, I am so sorry. My wife gets them, but usually just one every few months.

SkylersDad said...

You just might be the busiest person I know! Glad you had a good time and yuck about the migraine.

laura b. said...

I so enjoy all your happy photos. Your stories of RAGBRAI have been pretty amazing too.
This summer definitely seems like one for the books :-)

NoRegrets said...

Busy day you have even with migraines. I can't imagine riding a bike with one. And great for Coadster!