Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Comes a Light. Feelin's Liftin'.

Free sweet corn with a vat of melted butter to dip it in? Hellz yeah!

Apparently, we felt it was time to dance right then.

Soooo. Where were we? Oh, yeah. The century ride day. On RAGBRAI, they make it so you can ride 100 miles one day, if you want. Those of us freaks who were into that kind of thing, left a little early. We detoured from the regular route to take about a 30 mile extra loop and complete 100 miles of biking for the day.

I had a bad start to that day. I hadn't been listening to The Guy when he told me I needed to eat at least 300 calories an hour when I was riding on RAGBRAI. It was so hot all the time and it's hard to eat and ride sometimes, but it definitely caught up to me on the century day. The Guy had stopped for coffee and some of the other guys rode ahead. JH and I were riding together and I felt more and more tired and dizzy. By the time The Guy called me to find out where I was, I was losing it. He made me eat food and drink Gatorade and then told me to please, please, please make myself eat more food. Duh! I don't know why I always have to learn everything the hard way...

This woman offered to spray us with a hose, if we would take our show on the flat bed truck. It was about 100 degrees, so who were we to argue?

About an hour later, I felt great and we rode the extra loop for the century ride and met our other friends in a town called Paton, Ia.

The Guy was so helpful. He was very worried about sun exposure on such young beauties...

From there we rode the rest of the way to Boone, Ia. There was one last killer hill to get there, but I took it slow and steady and I had enough food in me, finally to tackle it just fine.

Check in tomorrow when I tell you the story of the people who put us up in Boone.


silly rabbit said...

Ha! I love the dancing. I'm surprised you had enough energy left.

Yikes on the sugar crash... but I understand how that happens.

The rest really sounds like a ball.

Tara said...

I love the idea of free sweet corn with plenty of butter! Makes me think I should buy some corn for this weekend.

I love that the Guy was on sunblock and nourishment patrol!

Brando said...

Wow, congrats on the 100-mile ride. That's something else. Right now I would probably need a month to hit that mark.

laura b. said...

Imagine making the ride longer! You kids are plumb crazy...and adorable with the dancing and the water and the lotion. Whew!

Johnny Yen said...

Very jealous of you! Miss bicycling. I'd hoped to get some in this summer, but it hasn't happened yet.

rel said...

Someow you make grueling sound like fun.

NoRegrets said...

Eat eat!!! LUcky you didn't fall off the bike