Thursday, August 25, 2011

There is Moonlight and Moss in the Trees

The happy couple who just moved back from Prague.

On the last day of RAGBRAI, we all met at Blackstone at 9 for bloody Mary's for some, but not me.
After dipping our tires in the Mississippi River.

Like almost every other day, we took the last day pretty slowly. At one point, some guy asked us what the hell we'd been doing all day, since most of the other riders had come through their town hours before. I think what we were doing was enjoying our ride and the company and knowing that after that day, we would all have to go back to the real world of sleeping indoors and readily available electricity and warm showers and routines and not riding bikes for the majority of the daytime hours.

Happy to be done.

Once we finally made it to Davenport, we still had a little setback. The woman driving the RV to meet us, couldn't get it to start. So, three of the guys took off to fix it, while the rest of us went to a beer garden to wait. I was starving, so I went to Rudy's taco house to get some enchiladas to go with my celebratory margarita - the perfect way to end any adventure, I think.

Our horribly Keen/sandal tanned feet.

After the guy and I got home, we had one of those wonderful nights we have from time to time, where we have great talks and laugh about the dorkiest things....And apparently, take pictures of our hideous feet. We did some reflecting on our past week, and started planning for the weeks to come.


laura b. said...

That picture of you and the guy at the end is so sweet. And those feet are the results of an awfully good time :-)
Thanks for sharing this great adventure with us!

NoRegrets said...

What a wonderful time! I'm glad you were able to relax and have fun. Amazing tan lines...

rel said...

It's always a great climax when you complete a grueling test of physical endurance.
Way to go girl!

Chance said...

How are you so damn active? I can barely tie my shoes before work.

silly rabbit said...

I have truly enjoyed reading about your adventure! The feet cracked me up. Soon you will be back in the thick of a new semester. What a great way to wrap up your summer.