Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Some Civil Servants Are Just Like My Loved Ones

The cross-eyed face only a mother could love...Dork!

We interrupt these RAGBRAI posts to tell you about my weekend. The RAGBRAI'ing will continue tomorrow.

So, this weekend I drove to Ames and dropped Coadster off at her first apartment. Her roommates won't be there for another week and she told me she might feel scared and lonely at night. I told her to call me whenever she needed. It's so weird to see her so grown-up in some ways, but to also see signs of the little girl she used to be. Sigh.

The black-eyed face only a mother could love...Dork number 2.

Stinky spent the weekend with some friends at a cabin. She was tubing behind a boat when she got thrown off. She said the minute her life jacket made her surface, the other tube and the shin of the girl riding it, slammed her in the face. Of course, it happened just in time for school registration and ID pictures. Nice. Really, it isn't so bad. It just looks like she's rocking some serious, purple 1980's style eye shadow. I say, get her an OP shirt and some top siders and everyone will just think she's trying to be retro...Poor girl.

I did get Stinky signed up for her last year in high school yesterday. We searched for her locker, I listened to her whine about her schedule and had (got) to hear her talk to some friends about a party that was broken-up because of a fight. Odd to think that it's the last time I'll ever do that.


silly rabbit said...

Oh ouch! Poor Stinky! I don't think I've ever taken a good photo ID pic.
But that's one for the memory book!

It is the weirdest feeling when your last child enters their last year of public school. Bittersweet... and it flies by so fast!

laura b. said...

It's that time of year again...the real new year. No one is leaving home for me, but Handsome Lad (the baby) starts high school in a couple of weeks.
Hope Coadster enjoys apartment living and Stinky heals up quickly!

Tara said...

Although I loved moving into my own place, I do recall being slightly weirded out and emotional that I would be on my own the first night. Sometimes, especially if I come home late at night, I feel a little apprehensive.

Ouch on the Stinky bruise! That's exciting, though, that she'll be a senior soon!

NoRegrets said...

You could always adopt! :-)