Monday, July 31, 2017

It Seems Like Every Where I Go, the More I See the Less I Know.

So, I'm back from OOBRAI and I am so glad to be home. I missed my cats, I missed my garden and I missed my little cottage on the shire. We were gone for 8 days, 612 miles and 45.5 hours. We ended up riding a lot more gravel than we wanted and basically chased what Google maps told us was a bike trail, but ended up being a field of weeds and ran into some wild Parsnip there. It does a number on your skin. It still hasn't cleared up yet. On the positive side, I spend 8 days riding bikes, swimming in ponds and playing with my friends. Who ever would have thought I'd still be doing all of that in my 50's?

I will go back and start writing blog posts about the rest of my birthday weekend and then get to RAGBRAI. I'm probably not going anywhere else for a while, so I doubt I'll have a whole lot to write about otherwise. I will try hard to get my shit together and do an excess of backlogged posts. Consider yourself warned...


CHE said...

We spotted some of the dreaded wild parsnips and it looked like someone sprayed them with chemical death. This was in the Okoboji area. The only incident of gravel we rode was in Boone for a 1/4 mile trying to get to the Lincoln Highway and busting out of town.

Tara Coady said...

I think we've finally learned not to trust gravel maps anymore. They want to give us the least trafficked route and that seems to always be gravel. Which would be okay, if we weren't riding so far and we had knobby tires on our bikes, but we didn't.

On the way home, we finally got smart and started asking locals for the best pavement that wasn't too busy.