Thursday, July 20, 2017

And the Air Was Beautiful. The Night She Fell All Around.

Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh did we have a great weekend for my birthday celebration. John and I both took Friday and Monday off of work. So, Friday morning we woke up and headed over to the new cyclocross park we are working on and met the department of parks and rec and checked out all of the progress on the course and talked about the grand opening festivities.

When we got back from that, I got to work in the garden for a little bit and was surrounded by birds and bees and butterflies and made another pretty big haul of peppers and zucchini and green beans and salad greens. Then I finally got to the business of packing the car and we left town a little after 1.

We made it to the campsite in Decorah at around 3:30. We set up our tent and headed out to find the mountain bike trails.

They have great trails in Decorah, although some of them were pretty scary. Skinny trails with steep drop-offs on one side and lots of rocks and roots to ride over.

It was also hard to pay attention to the trails because we kept getting distracted by the jaw dropping scenery.

We rode for about an hour and then got a text from the girls saying they were finally here. So, we headed back to the campsite.

Stinky bought a new tent and she did try hard to set it up herself, but I thought this photo was hilarious, especially with the caption, "The girls setting up their tent". John really only did help them with the few tricky parts.

Once that was done, we went out for dinner to a cool pizza place. The food was good and we had a nice talk.

Everyone was telling us to check out Toppling Goliath brewery. It was nice and we had a couple of beers and my girls didn't bicker too much and I tried to tune-out when they did (that has taken YEARS of practice).

We got back to the campground and tried to sleep. Apparently, we chose the biggest party campground around and none of us (except John who can sleep through anything) were able to sleep very well. We decided not to stay at the campground a second night and payed way too much for a hotel for Saturday night, since we reserved it at the last minute. Even after that part, we had a great half day in Decorah and we were excited about what the next day would bring.

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