Thursday, March 23, 2017

Yes, You're Lovely, With Your Smile So Warm.

This weekend was a crazy, busy, mix of many of my favorite things.

Stinky and I left at 8 am on Saturday morning for Des Moines. We were going to meet Coadster and Coadster's soon to be mother-in-law, sister-in-law and aunt-in-law to go wedding dress shopping. At one point on the ride, Stinky asked, "So, are you going to cry when you see Coadster in a wedding dress? To which I answered, "Well, I'm perimenopausal, so I might just cry seeing her wear jeans..."

We had a nice 2 hour drive listening to cheesy 80's CD's and singing along at the tops of our lungs.

Coadster got her dress at a woman's house where they had great deals. Apparently, there's some thing where no one is supposed to see the bride in her dress before the wedding. So, I'm just posting one of the dresses she didn't pick. I guess wedding dresses are much smaller than other clothes, so Coadster, who normally wears a size 2, had to get dresses that were a size 4. And I'm sure I'd have to get a size 24...

She ended up getting two dresses. One is bigger and fancier with a long train and the other was shorter and more casual and she might just wear it to the reception, because it will be more comfortable to dance in. They had a deal where she got the 2nd dress for half price and both dressed together were about $1,000. From what people say, that's pretty reasonable, but would have no idea, since my entire wedding probably cost that much.

Coadster is no Bridezilla in any way shape or form, so she had her dresses picked out in less than an hour and we were on our way.

I got to see my Bailey girl grandpuppy, which was so nice. I gave her hugs and kisses and she always thinks I am going to play red dot with her, because I do when she's at my house. It makes it hard to take her photo, since once I pull out my phone, she thinks it's a laser and immediately looks at the ground. Silly puppy.

After the dress shopping, we all went out for lunch and then stopped at Trader Joe's since we don't have one in our college town yet.

It was a great day and then I got home and did some raking and yard work, which always makes me happy.

Then after I ate dinner and John and I watched a movie, he went to bed and stayed up a while and read "The Hobbit" for the first time since the 1970's.

On Sunday we went on a nice, if very windy bike ride to Lone Tree and back. From my photos, you might think that we always stop at convenience stores on bike rides...And you'd be right. But it's only because that's where they keep the Gatorade and the caffeine in any small town.

We ended our ride at the new Big Grove for dinner and beer. Stinky met us and it was so nice and the food was great.

After dinner, we rode home and it was nice enough out to hang out on the porch and talk with our friend, Burne until it got dark. We were supposed to help him with a prairie burn at his farm, but it was too windy. So, it was postponed until Monday evening.

Tune in tomorrow when I post impressive photos from said fire.

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