Friday, March 31, 2017

The Heat Was On (Burnin'), Rising to the Top, Huh!

I've been meaning to write this post for the past week, but things have been crazy bust for me latley. In a good way, though.

Not last Monday, but the Monday before, our friend, Burne asked us and another friend to help him and his sister to do a prairie burn on about 30 acres of their land.

I love fire and I've dine some prairie burns before, but never one that was so big.

We did get to ride on funky vehicles and stand-up and ride in the back of pick-ups and tractor type things. It all felt so 1970's, and it was so fun.

Burne's sister started the first fire. I got to wear the water back pack. It was pretty heavy, but I would just try to reposition it when the straps dug in too much.

I pretended it was a jet pack, but it didn't give me powers of flight. Awwwww.

Burne had me watch the side of the fire. It was better than the back part, because all the smoke was taking over the boys at the back part of the fire.

At one point, I got some "civil emergency" notice on my phone. At first I thought that someone had reported the fire and that the rural fire department was on its way and warning others, but it turns out, that it was some kind of mistake. Don't worry, it's just a civil emergency warning. That's one hell of a mistake...

Finally, Burne and our other friend showed up to trade me out and move me to the next task...

...Starting the back fire. The back fire was better, because the smoke blew away from us.

As the sun set, the fire got bigger and more dramatic.

Personally, this little pyro was happy to start fires. It was a little scary, when the fire got so high, but man do I love to watch shit burn.

My friend Burne took this photo of John using a leaf blower to contain the fire. How bad-ass looking is this?

It was such a great night, and according to this picture that Burne took the next morning, it looks like it did what it was supposed to do - burn down the old weeds to help the soil and make way for the indigenous plants to grow in the space and make the critters and birds happy. I love conservation and making the world a happier and more beautiful place. You know what they say, leave the planet better than when you came into it.


CHE said...

I always get a Civil Warning while donning a jet pack.

Mnmom said...

I also love watching shit burn, and watching it explode. We pacifists are an odd bunch.

Tara Coady said...

Che, Ha ha. The civil warning was supposed to be from Polk County and my daughter lives in West Des Moines. So, I was frantically trying to contact her to make sure aliens hadn't landed there or something.


Lately, I've been thinking we should just burn it all down and start again - with the government, anyway.

NoRegrets said...