Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ha Ha Ha, Bless Your Soul. You Really Think You're in Control

My cats are always crazy.

This is how yesterday, a full moon, Daylight Savings Time, mid-March, snowy, Monday panned-out for me:

First, as a joke, (because I am hilarious) I told my co-worker to sign for a package as Mickey Mouse, which she did, and then our boss reminded us that if said document got lost, they would look and see who signed for it and if someone else in the office saw that it was Mickey Mouse, we might get in trouble. I swear I was just joking. I can't help it if someone foolishly takes me seriously.

Second, I went an entire day at work and at home with my shirt on inside-out and no one told me. Maybe the just assumed that disheveled was the look I was going for?

Anyway, I hope your yesterday was a little better than mine...

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