Thursday, September 01, 2016

Feelin' Stong Now. Won't be Long Now.

This is the old mill in the Amanas.
So, yesterday was my first day to ride to work and back. And since I had a doctor's appointment in the afternoon, I rode to work, then to the hospital and then from there back home. I wasn't all that tired and I even did an easy 2 mile run. Of course, then I had to take a nap for an hour and a half, but I still was able to run 2 miles. Woop!

In order to prepare for my bike ride to work and back.I did two trial rides beforehand. One in our neighborhood on Saturday afternoon and one where we drove to the Amanas to meet our friends for a short, easy ride on bike trails.

We basically rode around the lily pond there...And you KNOW how much I love lilies.

It was raining when we left for the Amanas, but the radar looked like the storm would move on before we got there. It sprinkled here and there and threatened to unleash on us during our ride, but we were lucky for most of it. There was definitely some wet, muddy patches along the way, though. My friend, Lisa's son, who is 7, rode along with us and was such a trooper and had a blast riding around in the mud.

It was a beautiful day.

At one point, Lisa's son was telling me that he was trying to ride no-handed. He showed me how light his hands were on his bars and then I showed him that I could ride one handed. He tried it and then yelled, "High five! High five!" So, I slowed down and put my hand back, so he could slap it. Unfortunately, he lunged too hard  and crashed on his bike. I felt badly, because I was the adult and should have discouraged the high fiving, but as we all know, I'm not the best person to trust to call out a bad decision. Luckily, Lisa's son was one tough nut and he was all smiles a couple of minutes later.

We got done with our 4.6 mile ride just as the clouds suddenly unleashed. We changed out of our wet biking clothes and headed to the safety of the brew pub for root beer and regular beer.

After the rain stopped , we walked around the quaint little town and headed to Phat Daddies for pizza. John got the incredible garden goat cheese pizza and we all had to try some.

A couple of other friends met us there on their motorcycle, so the adventure ended with good food and great conversation. A lovely end to a fun afternoon.

Also, I was happy to know that I was fine to ride to work and back after that. Double bonus!

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