Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Fall is Here. Hear the Yell.

So, last weekend was the third weekend in a row that we were out of town for races, and I am so OVER not being home. Like I said to John, it was a good thing we were in Madison that week, because I love that town and it made it more doable for me to be in a place that I love, even though I was feeling spread pretty thin. The best thing is that after today, we both have 3 days off of work. Tomorrow is John's birthday, Thursday is Stinky's birthday and then we have three days of Jingle CX over the weekend. I will try very hard to use some of that time to regroup and relax, but it will also be nice that all the kids and their boyfriends and their dogs will be here at the same time. (nice and stressful, anyway....)

We had a great dinner at HopCat when we arrived Friday night. We checked into our Air BnB, which was a half a block from Willy Street. It was a cute little apartment in a great location.

I woke up by 7 on Saturday, so I could go for a run on a bike path that goes around Lake Monona. I am trying to slowly build up my miles, so I finally ran 4 miles that day. This week, I will try to do my 4.5 mile route and we'll see how that goes...

When I got home, I showered and then John and I went to a place called Lazy Jane's for breakfast. It was so good. We spent most of the day at the Cyclocross race at the Trek Headquarters in Waterloo, Wisconsin.

When we got back, we met my family for dinner and then wandered around the World Music Festival happening on Willy Street. It was a lovely evening, even considering that family discussion I posted about yesterday.

On Sunday, I skipped my run and we headed back to Lazy Jane's for another wonderful breakfast. Since no Churlita blog post would be complete without a photo of my food, take a gander at those amazing blueberry pancakes. They were absolutely perfect.

I will try to post as much as I can during my three days off, but with so much going on, I can't promise anything. Happy Fall!

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