Monday, December 21, 2015

"Tis the Season to Be Jolly

My favorite barn to run past.

 My weekend was pretty close to perfect. We just did whatever we wanted and didn't really worry about getting stuff done, or the house cleaned or stress ourselves out in any way. It might be a first, for the weekend before Christmas...

Saturday, without trying to be a grown-up and just do what I wanted when I wanted, was really lovely. I slept-in until about 8. John and I watched a professional cyclocross race on-line while I drank tea, and then I read my book for about an hour. It was pretty chilly, and since I was going to run my 6 mile route for the first time in about a month, I wanted to make sure I was well layered.

My run was very nice. I didn't go super fast, but things on my person didn't hurt, so that was a big victory.

Once I got home, I made a nice lunch of leftovers. we took a nap and then packed-up and went to the rec services building to swim. We swam for about an hour and since the steam room was closed for maintenance, we had to suffer in the sauna...Poor us. Our life is so hard.

Following along on our day of leisure, we decided to do a date night. We went to the new Brewlab in Iowa City. They don't have any of their own brews and no food yet, but we did try some other craft beers. We were the only people in the joint, so I hope they get more people once they get things rolling.

We went to The Mill for dinner. The students are gone for break, so it was also pretty quiet and mellow. We went home and watched the  movie, Ex Machina.

a friend looking adorable and helping with the trail maintenance.

Sunday was just as nice. We met people at the Cross-country ski trails to do some maintenance. You know...For if it ever snows at all this Winter.

When we finished working, we went home and got ready for another, nice 30 mile bike ride. The South winds were pretty strong, which explained the 50 degrees. So, going out was a little rough, but coming back home, we barely had to pedal. I thought I could do a little run right after my bike ride, but hell no! My legs mutinied, so I did a VERY slow 2 miles and called it good.

The very best thing about this weekend, was that I didn't have a migraine. Not even a smidge. Talk about your stress-free weekends...

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