Monday, December 28, 2015

A World Where Roses Bloom

Well, kids. My computer died a couple of days before Christmas, so I'm left blogging only at work. John asked a co-worker if we could pay him to work on fixing it and it's in his hands now.

Since my Christmas weekend was so amazing, I thought I'd do a weekend stats post. 

Movies watched: 4. One in the theater - STAR WARS! Duh. It was a fun family movie. 3 DVDs - The Hangover (nothing like watching an inappropriate movie with your kin on Christmas Eve, P. S. I Love You (yeah, I know it's super cheesy, but who cares), The Nativity (a bizarre, goofy, British, Christmas movie starring a certain Hobbit.

Christmas presents given and received. Who cares, really. The most important thing was having all that time with John and my kids and their boyfriends...Although, the ceramic fox spoon holder thingy that Coadster got us, was pretty adorable.

 Best Christmas tradition - Sushi for lunch.

Food made - Creamy pesto tortellini with bread and many spreads, veggie lasagna with salad and many choices for salad fixin's, turkey melts with ginger,cashew, carrot soup, black bean quinoa enchilada bake, French toast, and many, many snacks.

Games played - 1 Cards Against Humanity. Nothing like playing innapropriate games with your kin on Christmas night.

Playing done: 18.5 miles of running, 26.7 miles of bike riding, and 1 mile of lap swimming.

Dates gone on: 1 After Coadster went to Des Moines on Saturday, John and I decided to have dinner and drinks at Kalona Brewery. Pretty damn festive, huh?

Books read: 1 ended and 1 started. "Unbroken" is the one I started and it is an engrossing read. It's written almost like a screenplay.

Cat annoyances? Too many to count.

I hope your holiday weekend was amazing as mine...Except the whole cat thing.


A said...

Ahh I knew you'd do lots of great food! lots of boy favorites at my house - enchiladas with black beans and cheese, baked mac and cheese - lasgna (veggie with fake meat crumbles) - oh and then some cheese pizzas - y
I feel like a ten ton mack truck!
Glad you had a great holiday! Happy new year.

rel said...

I agree 100%, being with family and loved ones is the best part of Christmas.

"Unbroken," I read it in one sitting; couldn't/wouldn't put it down.

Churlita said...

A., I'm sad we won't get to see you this year. At least we got to see you twice between you guys coming up for Christmas and us going down for cyclocross Nats last year. Hopefully, in March then...


Definitely. I bet "Unbroken" was even more poignant for you.

NoRegrets said...

Ho Ho Ho! Great photo to actually see you reading.