Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Little Off Center and I'm Out of Tune

Thanks to Natalie Rekemeyer for the photo.

The good thing about being an obsessive documenter, is that I can always go back and see what I said I was going to try to do every year and check and see how closely I kept to my goals...Or didn't. I'm also an obsessive reflector. So, this is the time of the year, that I look back and checkety check myself. Did I do right by myself physically, intellectually, creatively and spiritually this year? Where can I improve? What made me happy, what things and/or people wasted my time? I never look at anything in my life as a failure, just something I need to work on...And I have LOTS of things to work on. What all of this is leading to, is the threat of many of my end of the year evaluation or best of posts. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

On another front. My Christmas shopping is done. I don't normally buy for anyone but my daughters. I did give my niece and nephew a 20 spot last time I saw them (my brother calls cash, "the gift that keeps on giving"). John and I usually just give each other a fun trip somewhere for our Christmas present to each other. For the girls, John and I give them money and then I buy them some stocking stuffers. As most of you know, I am more of an experience person, than a thing person. Unless that thing can contribute to a nice experience...Like a bike, or running shoes, or a book. Anyway, this year I wanted to get my girls an experience for Christmas. Something they could do together. I was think something like, taking some yoga classes together or getting a manicure/pedicure together or a nice dinner someplace. I asked the girls what they would want to do as a sister thing, and they suggested getting a punch card at the University rec service building. Perfect. I was able to get a 10 punch pass, so they can use it to take a yoga or spin class or to work-out machine thingys or just to hang out in the fun pool area and use the jacuzzi, the lazy river and the mini rock climbing wall at the pool. However they use it, I hope they have a blast.


A said...

Isn't Christmas about food too? What wonderful fun things will you eat?

Churlita said...

You know me so well...I'm making potato leek soup and having salad and good bread from the co-op for Christmas Eve. We always go get sushi for Christmas lunch and I'm making Christmas veggie lasagna for dinner. Will you come to IC this year?

A said...

Sounds delicious
At this point - we wont be in Iowa this winter - lots of reasons - but I have hopes of spending spring break in Iowa - who wouldn't want to spend a nice cold grey cold week in March in Iowa?

Churlita said...

Let us know when you're coming and we can plan on hanging out if it works. Even if you're just in Des Moines, we can meet you there too.