Wednesday, July 08, 2015

You Don't Need Money. Don't Take Fame. Don't Need a Credit Card to Ride This Train.

Me in college at the beginning of 1985.

This decade in review is from 1985, when I turned 20 and started my 3rd decade in the world.

1985 -

-was the year that new Coke was introduced.

-David Letterman started his top 10 lists.

-Rock Hudson dies of AIDS.

- British scientists report the opening of the ozone layer.

Me learning how to run a chainsaw in the Redwoods in 1985.
 Top box office draw for the week of July 16th, 1985 - "Back to the Future".

Top selling novel for that week - "Skeleton Crew" by Stephen King.

Top television show for 1985 - "The Cosby Show"

The number one song for July 16th, 1985 - "A View to a Kill", Duran Duran.

Me in the state park where we lived in the Fall of 1985.
1985 was another huge year for me. I was living in Iowa City and dropped out of college at the beginning of that year. I wanted to do something besides stay in a college town and cook or wait tables. I wanted to do something where I might be able to make a difference. My roommate's sister had been in the California Conservation Corps. I decided I should do that too. In March, I hopped on a plane went to Santa Rosa, California where I didn't know anyone and signed up for the program. I had a month to wait, so I went to Tempe, Arizona to hang out with my sister and then moved back to Sacramento to start the program in May. I hitch hiked (I know. I was an idiot) to get around and had a few scary experiences.

After being in the training academy in Calaveras  County for a month, I got assigned to a little town called Leggett, California, right on Highway 101. I worked on the Salmon Restoration Project until Thanksgiving, when I got a job at a ski resort in Big Bear Lake, California.

I felt a little lost during that year, but I was so glad I had those adventures when I did. By the time I got married and had kids, those opportunities were gone.

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