Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Until We Dream of Life and Life Becomes a Dream

 Here in Iowa, we don't always get Spring or Fall. It can go from Summer to Winter, seemingly in a day. So, this Fall has been particularly amazing. It has been perfect temperatures, with some rain, but not too much and the trees are almost overwhelming in their colors.

 Basically, this post will be me bragging about how incredible our Sunday bike ride to Kalona was. it was a beautiful Sunday with sunny skies and temperatures in the upper 60's. We went out a little later, so John and I could celebrate his mom's birthday by taking her out to brunch.

 By the time we rode to Kalona, ate and drank at the brewery and then started back home, the sun was already casting long shadows against the dried, and as of yet, unharvested corn, making for more great alien looking cyclist shadow photos. My favorite.

 I love all of the colors and textures of the countryside. I will miss that this Winter when everything is different shades of gray.

All of that beautiful gravel riding gave John a flat tire, so we were detained for about 10 or 15 minutes while he fixed it and got his CO2 cartridges to work. We made it past Hills and almost to Iowa City before we lost our sunlight. Luckily, we brought our lights. Next weekend, we'll be lucky if we get into the 50's for temps. We were happy to be able to enjoy the last warm days of Fall while they lasted.

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