Friday, October 24, 2014

Set Me Up My Friend. I'm Running Low

 Lately, my blog is all about fixing up my house and playing outside, but that's only because it reflects my life. And I'm okay with that. On Wednesday, I stayed home so a company could come over and fill up the ground underneath part of our garage with some filler stuff to make it even with the other part. Apparently, it had settling issues. Anyway, that meant I had a day to get stuff done around the house.

 I made some black bean soup in the crock pot, read some of my new book, tried to work on organizing our 5 million gloves and socks and hats that we have previously just thrown into drawers and then wondered why we couldn't find anything that matched, and tried to keep Archie awake so he would quit coming in our room and waking me up several times a night (that in itself was a full-time job).

 As soon as the guy was done with the work, I set out to run, only to be stopped short by my neighbor in the open field with his new bulldog puppy.What a great way to get stopped.

I headed out to hickory Hill Park to do a trail run. My calf was still tight, but it was so nice out, I just wanted to run no matter what. It was so worth it and I felt pretty strong too.

Of course, when I got done, my calf was making me limp around. So, now I'll try to behave and wait for it to stop hurting, and then do shorter more frequent runs and see if that helps. I don't regret a thing with that run, though. October in Iowa can be magnificent when it wants

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