Thursday, October 02, 2014

But the Wine and the Song, Like the Seasons, Have All Gone.

 I know I told you all that we are doing a lot of work on our house. Some of it is very necessary, because our crawl space is so damp, that we are basically living over a poop-ton (scientific quantity) of airborne mold. When we went to Wisconsin, we closed up the house because it was supposed to storm and we didn't want to have even more water damage. Unfortunately, there is so much moisture in our house, without a storm blowing in that we came home to moldy, musty smelling rooms. So, now we added project number 7,458 to the mix: We are going through every room of our house and cleaning (with baking soda and vinegar) every last inch of it. Last night, I started in on the book shelves in my bedroom. It was really fun to check out all the books I still have to read and get excited about rereading others. As you would all expect, Archie has been EXTREMELY helpful throughout all of this.

Also, I will eat the very last tomato from my garden this evening. I've decided to slice it up and put it just under the cheese and over the tuna of my tuna melt. It is the end of an era...Or a season. Whatever.

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NoRegrets said...

Wow. Your mold is kinda like when I had Billy on me and then felt something inside my sports bra between my boobs, and it hopped a few times and then jumped away. FLEA! So I sprayed and vacuumed then hell out of the place and washed and I think I managed to kill it before it propagated...