Friday, May 04, 2012

These Are the Days It Rains But It Never Pours

This was my companion while I read an lunched outside today.
I'm trying something different today. I'm writing first and THEN adding my photo. I hope it works better than the other way around.

This week has been nice and busy. I was feeling a little physically burnt out, so I took a break from training. I guess we'll see in my bike races this weekend whether that was a good thing or a bad thing.

The Guy has been  having some work stress. I know how that goes, so I've been trying to help him by treating it with food, cocktails and escapism. That's healthy, right? We watched Rear Window on Tuesday night. I figure Grace Kelly can make almost anyone feel better. Then on Wednesday, we watched a movie called Two Seconds. It's a Canadian film about a woman who does downhill bike races until she gets kicked off her team for being too old (at 28) and turns to bike messaging. It was a quirky little film, but I really liked it.

I am currently reading A Gate at the Stairs by Lorrie Moore. I love her writing, although she does make it seem like everyone in the world she creates is much more clever and pithy than I've ever found in my universe.


rel said...

That's why I read; to be introduced to people smarter, better looking, stronger, more atheletic, intelligent, and pithier than me. (Or should that be pissier?)
Under the "a change is as good as a rest" catagory; Rest is an important part of training.

Tara said...

You two should watch the movie "Office Space" for a laugh, or any other movie that makes you both crack up. That would help relieve work stress.

Tara said...

PS: I love the look of your post; it was a great idea to write before posting the photo! I love the butterfly shot!

laura b. said...

As an athelete I'm sure you are getting better and better at listening to what your body needs. I bet the rest did you good!
And you are a great girlfriend to try and help The Guy with his work related stress :)