Tuesday, May 01, 2012

It Keeps You Runnin'. Yeah it keeps You Runnin'.

The Guy coming in behind a woman pushing a stroller. It wasn't that The Guy was that slow, It was that the woman was THAT fast. The Guy and I did a 10K race on Saturday called Dam to Downtown. We ran from the Coralville Dam to College Green Park. I had run this race 2 years ago in 56 minutes, when I was 10 lbs lighter. I would've been happy with that time again this year.

Me coming in to the finish. The Guy let me know that they were taking photos, because I'm usually making some horrible face when I'm that tired, but even knowing that, I still couldn't muster a smile.It was chilly and the air was very wet, but it didn't rain. This is a very hilly route, and boy did my legs feel it.
Here's me getting my 2nd place in my age group medal. Anyway, I tried hard to go out faster for this race and seemed to have worked. I finished the race in 51.35 - 5 minutes faster than last time. Even though I haven't been running as much, I have been cycling and trying to run harder when I do run. Apparently, that kind of training worked. Maybe quality over quantity works after all. The Guy also kicked some serious ass. He ran his race in 44 minutes. Pretty good for a hilly 10K, huh?


laura b. said...

Great times, Chulita! I'm sure the bike training has helped your strength and endurance with running, if not specifically your speed.

Tara said...

Congrats, Churlita!