Thursday, May 17, 2012

But It's All Right Now, I Learned My Lesson Well.

Thanks to Brando, for writing a comment haiku that ended with "Mommy needs a drink". Brilliant work!

one of my co-workers today told me that she was writing to a friend about her party and couldn't remember how to spell soiree. She looked up by Googling, "swaray" (she's from Southeast Iowa. She can't help it), and this is what she landed on. The urban dictionary definition:

1. swaray    

How stupid people spell soiree.
You are not invited to the soiree because you are a moron for spelling it swaray.

Ha ha. We laughed about that on and off all day. Yeah. Work has been a little slow....


laura b. said...

I can't help loving the Urban Dictionary. I once stupidly wrote DP for Dr Pepper...never again...never again....

Johnny Yen said...

I used to think I was a pretty good speller, until my now-ex-wife pointed out a few things, like "it's" is only used as a contraction of "it is," not the possessive. (Don't worry, that's not the reason we split, LOL!)

When I wrote my Master's thesis-- on a manual typewriter-- in 1985, on the Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua, I had the final draft ready before I discovered that I'd spelled it "Sandanista" through the whole paper. I had to rewrite it.

rel said...

It's kinda scary when the internets can read your mind.
Sometimes they do it better than we do ourselves.

NoRegrets said...

That's great!!!

ubtdower roperi

Tara said...

Urban Dictionary has explained many things to me, but that definition is slightly harsh. Lol.

I love that flower, and of course I love the photogenic Archie!