Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Still Remember

Thanks for the comment haikus on the last post. I loved them.

Today my oldest turns 20. It seems crazy to me that she's that old already. Being the hilarious girl she is, she posted something on Facebook saying that her dad and I should thank her for beating teen pregnancy. har har.

Two weeks ago, Stinky won an iPad at her after prom party. Coadster was home that weekend and almost tried to steal it, she was so envious. So, when The Guy and I talked about what to get Coadster for her birthday, The Guy brought up the fact that he never got Coadster a graduation present. I reminded him that was because we weren't dating then and he didn't know Coadster then. He said that it didn't seem at all fair that he would buy Stinky a grad present and not Coadster. He added to what were already going to spend for Coadster's birthday, and we got her an iPad. It seemed to make her very, very happy.

I hope her twenties also make her very, very happy


laura b. said...

That was a really nice idea...and she does look very happy :)

Brando said...

20! Wow.

Nothing says happy like an iPad.

Tara said...

I LOVE that dress! It's so cheerful!

Johnny Yen said...

Okay, I already thought that this guy was a keeper. That sealed it. What a great guy.

My wife has wanted an Ipad since they first came out, around the time I started nursing school. She was told that she was not going to get one until I was done. Thanks to a huge run of overtime right before Christmas, I was able to keep my promise. She was delighted.

rel said...

Mother's Day brought one to our abode.
I've been allowed to touch it once.