Friday, December 16, 2011

Pushing the Barriers, Planting the Seeds

Cara sucia.

So, cyclocross season is officially over for me this year. The Guy is going to race in nationals in Wisconsin in January, but I'm done until next Fall.

According to the national rankings, I was 185th out of 346 in the 45+ master's women's category. Although, the woman in 117th place in the standings was 71 years old. (How awesome is she?)

It's not like I came anywhere near the front of the pack at any point, but I started the season being dead-ass last in my first couple of races and did better and better as it progressed. I think the hardest part, was not to give up after my first couple of last places.

After Jingle Cross, a woman in her early twenties called me an inspiration. I laughed and joked that I was inspiring, because if someone as old as me can do this, anyone could. She stopped me and said, "No. You're inspirational because you always look like you're having so much fun and you are so supportive of the other women riders." Having someone say that to me, felt better than actually winning a race.


laura b. said...

You're an amazing athlete and your fan is right always look like you're having fun. And you definitely seem supportive of all the women around you!
Enjoy the other sorts of races you will do during cyclocross downtime :)

rel said...

a heartfelt compliment is the best tonic in the world.

silly rabbit said...

I also have to agree with your fan and laura b. Your positive and can do attitude shines right through.

Pamela said...

Definitely. And that's the way it should be and is. You're the best! Did I mention the 80 year old who was trying to get me to bike? Old chicks rule!

Johnny Yen said...

I remember an interview with Bruce Springsteen years ago, explaining his song "Racing In The Streets." He talked about how important it was in our lives to have some lasting passion, something that gave us a reason to get up in the morning. Sounds like you've found that, and someone to share that passion with, to boot!