Monday, December 05, 2011

And Clouds are Shrouding Us In Moments Unforgettable

Yeah. It's been a while, but I guess I'll just write about last weekend.

On Friday evening, we went to The Guy's employee Christmas party at the press box above Kinnick Stadium. It was really nice. They had an open bar for most of it and served excellent poached salmon and potato cakes and salad.

I got to meet a lot of the people The Guy talks about and now can put a face to the names when he tells me work stories. I also got to meet the physical therapist who helped The Guy recover from his accident. I told her she was a miracle worker, but she said it was all due to The Guy working so hard.

The Guy's boss and her husband went to the same high school I did, and her husband is friends with my brother-in-law's brother. I guess as they were leaving, The Guy's boss' husband turned to her and said, "Hey, you know who she is? She's the runner girl we used to always see when we lived on the the East side of town." I suppose there are worse things to be known for...

Heidi is quite happily sitting in her box.

On Saturday, I woke up feeling kind of wonky and icky. I wasn't sick, just, you know, a little funky and out of sorts. I got some stuff done around the house and did some sitting around. I'm sure the gloomy, rainy weather didn't help my mood at all. I did warn the guy not to take anything personally if I was a bit cranky.

In the afternoon, we got a little break from the rain, but it was still slick out. We decided to go for a bike ride. Because moving is about the best thing I can do for myself when I am at all wonky. Of course, it can also be dangerous. Like, say, when I'm riding my bike in the slippery grass and turn onto a slipperier wet, wood bridge and crash my bike. Nice!

The quarter round The Guy cut for the spare bedroom.

I felt better emotionally after our bike ride, which is what I was hoping for. So, we decided to have a drink at the Dublin, since our favorite bartender S. was working. I showed him my new sore on my shin, from the accident and he said it looked like an exclamation point. I had to agree. My injury seemed way more important with such strong punctuation. After our drink, The Guy and I went to Graze, where we had a lovely dinner and talked about training for next Spring. We went home and watched Super 8 after dinner. It got a little schmaltzy at the end, but the kids in the movie were about the same age we were in 1979, so that part was really fun.

Some hummus and beet salad with blue cheese dressing and walnuts.

Part of our talk about training, had to do with our eating habits. We both love food and I will never be one of those people who starves myself in order to get in shape. So, instead, I try to make good healthy food. This weekend I cooked up sweet potatoes, beets, tofu, made hummus and cut up a bunch of veggies. I figure, the easier it is to eat good food, the more I will eat it instead of getting into Stinky's chips or poptarts or whatever. So far, it's worked pretty well. When I got hungry, I just threw some sweet potatoes in the microwave or dipped carrots and zucchini in the hummus and it was all very nice.

Getting ready to head back out on the bikes.

Sunday was a much better day. The Guy cut all the quarter round for the spare bedroom while I cooked up a storm. Then in the afternoon, we went on a bike ride. It was cold outside and there were tons of deer out there (since it's now shotgun deer hunting season here) but it was so nice to ride our bikes to Solon and back (about 30 miles). We stopped at the Solon Station for one quick beer before we rode back. Our feet were freezing by the time we got home, but we were both really, really happy.


Cozy in Texas said...

I stopped by your blog today.

laura b. said...

I always enjoy seeing how happy you are these days. You and the guy are so simpatico!

silly rabbit said...

You are right on about keeping good for you nibbles at hand! It makes it so much easier to make wise choices.
I'm with laura b! You and the guy seem to make a perfect couple with a lot of great things in common. Very cool.
Cats and boxes. LOL

rel said...

Here the deer have calenders and during hunting season they disappear.

NoRegrets said...

I'm always amazed that you can pair exercise with beer...
BTW< the floor/room looks great.