Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Sometimes I Think It's a Shame When I Get Feelin' Better When I'm Feelin' No Pain

Here are some lovely lilies I grew.

So, reading that Louise Erdrich novel is really making me want to write some fiction again. Of course, I have to find the time. It seems like hours and whole days get swallowed up with people and things.

Last night, I thought I might have some time. I was tired and swam in the morning, so I decided not to run or ride my bike after work, and I thought I might be able to write later. Instead, I made Coadster's favorite dinner - cheese tortellini with pesto made with basil from my garden), then my friend G. came over and we had a nice talk on the porch, then I picked Coadster up from class and she was crying from a horrible migraine. I tried all of my tricks to ease her pain, she eventually threw-up and started feeling better, but it took a while. I feel so awful that my messed-up gene pool causes that for her too. Anyway, by that time, it was late and I was fried and had to go to bed. Maybe tonight.

I guess the good and the bad thing about me, is that I love to fill my life up with adventures and projects and passions. Bad - because I can overwhelm myself and create self-imposed pressure when I don't always need another excuse to spaz. Good - because I rarely feel bored or even just ho-hum about my life. I've heard there's this thing out there called balance, but I haven't seen it much with my own eyes....


NoRegrets said...

Balance is just around the corner. Run! Go get it!
Darn, you missed it again.
I understand your quandry... :-)

booda baby said...

Balance isn't for everyone (obviously), but I've got nothing but good things to say about it. Still, if you're not in the mood, if you don't really WANT balance, then ... why bother? They didn't invent IMbalance for nothing.

silly rabbit said...

I think you are doing fantastic. When the time is right... you'll do it.
I hate migraines! I used to do as Coadster and have to puke to get better. Then one day they vanished. I have not had one in years now. I have great sympathy for anyone who has them.

Tara said...

Sometimes I don't have enough to do during my freetime, but if I have too much, then I envy the times I'm bored.

laura b. said...

I'm sorry for Coadster...and anyone who gets migraines. It sounds so awful.
You seem balanced, with a lot of energy, to me :)

PS-Please send cheese tortellini.

rel said...

Gusto, it only last for a short time: go for it!