Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Saturday Made Sunday Feel Like It Would Never Come

Me taking a pic of someone taking a pic of me...Again. This was on our Saturday bike ride to Windham.

I had a great, long weekend. On Friday, I got off work early and took Coadster to the Quad Cities and then drove back home. The Guy and I ordered pizza and then watched Creature from the Black Lagoon. I hadn't seen that movie in forever. We were talking about how all the underwater shots must have been so fascinating to people when the movie first came out.

The Guy meeting Bry's girlfriend's kids before the fire works on Sunday night.

On Saturday we got up and did a few things before we met people for a 30 mile bike ride. It was a nice, slow ride and the weather was perfect. We got home and were exhausted. We showered, ate sushi and decided to take a nap around 7 pm. Of course, we never really woke up, until the next morning, so it turned into an awfully long nap.

On Sunday, we went on another bike ride. This time, to Solon. We went a little faster than the last one and then rode back. I decided to run my 4 1/2 mile route when we got home. Then I made pan seared scallops and steamed asparagus for dinner.

We headed downtown at 7 to meet our friends and their kids and watch the fireworks. The fireworks here were pretty damn impressive, I have to say. I had a migraine on and off all weekend and it was ON Sunday night, so I went home and went to bed after the fireworks were over.

Bry with his girlfriend's son - getting all silly.

On Monday, I know this will shock you all, but we went on another bike ride. This one was an easy, shorter one. We stopped at a Mexican restaurant to eat on the way home too.

We got home and I did a little cooking, a little cleaning, a little grocery shopping and a lot of reading on the screened-in porch. I'm reading Shadow Tag by Louise Erdrich and I like it just fine.

So, I rode bikes, I ran, I ate good food, I read a great book, I got a sunburn and watched fireworks. I'd call that a pretty nice Fourth of July weekend.


silly rabbit said...

I'd call that a full weekend! Sounds fun too. I really enjoy fireworks more when there are kids around because of how excited they get.

SkylersDad said...

Sounds like a wonderful time!

laura b. said...

It is rather nice going to bed for a nap and just staying there for the night! Glad to hear you had such a great weekend :)

rel said...

I'd say you had a bang-up 4th weekend.
I'm reading my first ever Louis L'Amour, "Haunted Mesa."

Tara said...

I would think fireworks and migraines don't usually mix well, but I'm glad you and the Guy got some more bike riding in!

Happy belated 4th o'July!

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

That's my kind of weekend, where things happen but there aren't many plans.

NoRegrets said...

I read this and didn't comment earlier. Sounds so wonderful, except for the sunburn...

booda baby said...

It's amazing how much sleep you can get when no one's around to bug you. :) Are you nothing but muscle? Do you stretch a lot? It was finally humid here this morning and tennis was about 3 times easier ... so, California might have better weather than Iowa, but now I remember how much easier it was to DO stuff. It's like Hawaii. If you don't count all those winter months.