Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Joey Never Met a Bike That He Didn't Wanna Ride.

Maybe I'll just get a new orange cat to keep Archie in line.

So, I couldn't have asked for a better birthday. Really. It was that good. This will be mostly a photo post, detailing the loveliness.

Friday morning, Coadster took The Guy and I out for breakfast before they both went to work. I got home, putzed around the house, went running, mowed the lawn, packed, ran errands and read my book - The Help, for a bit.

The Guy got home from work and we packed up and took off for Galena. We got there around 8. Since we were both exhausted, we decided to just eat at the Irish hotel - where we were staying and take it easy. The food was okay there, nothing too exceptional, but not bad.

The Guy tasting different kinds of balsamic vinegar.

We woke up the next morning and watched a bit of the Tour de France. They were at the mountain stage. I have so much more of an appreciation for how badly that hurts, after trying to race a bicycle up big hills. Those men are beasts.

We went to downtown Galena after that. We walked around, checked out stores, climbed stairs, had lunch, made a reservation for dinner and then headed back to the hotel to get ready for our first bike ride.

We rode out along the countryside of Galena and it was gorgeous. At one point, we discovered this cute little country store type place in an old train station. We stopped to drink a beer and meet the owner and talk to some of the locals there. It was great. We took off from there, scaled some more hills, got a little lost, found our way back home and then got ready for dinner at the hotel.

We ate at an Italian restaurant that everyone suggested and it was very nice. Then we took a little stroll along the river under the almost full moon. Stinky called from camp and told us she loved us. What a perfect way to end my birthday.

On Sunday, we went out earlier for a bike ride, since it was so hot. We rode much the same loop as the day before, but we started out by the falls and then back out to it to end again.

The hills were pretty tough, but they never seem to look as bad in pictures. It still makes me laugh that people think Iowa or near Iowa is flat.

When we finished our route, we were hot, sweaty and tired. We went back to the downtown area for one last walk around and a later lunch before we headed back to Iowa City.

We made it back to our air conditionless home and unpacked, took care of a few things, then ordered a pizza and settled in to watch Jaws. The perfect end to a wonderful weekend.


Johnny Yen said...

I love Galena-- went on my honeymoon with my ex-wife there. Even that couldn't ruin it for me.

silly rabbit said...

What a charming town! Yay for the best birthday ever!
Ut-oh... I'm one of those people who assumed that thought Iowa was flat.
I stand corrected. =;/

laura b. said...

I'm so glad to hear about and see your wonderful birthday weekend. It looks like it had all the things (and people) you love included!

I have watched parts of Tour de France over the years, as both my oldest and youngest sons are enthusiasts. It is amazing.

Tara said...

Wow, what an awesome birthday!

Knowing Archie, he would probably play on that tiger statue if you presented it to him.

I was amused by the dance floor marked: "Galena Garlic Company Dance Floor". Usually garlic and dancing doesn't mix, but I'm sure people could dance without being pestered by vampires.

booda baby said...

Nice!! What a great thing to do for your birthday - exactly what you want!! Did you have a route planned for your first ride?

You take a beautiful picture in all your cycling gear.

rel said...

I enjoy hearing about the good life!
Looks like the weather was perfect too.