Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm Gonna Be Forgiven If I Wanna Spend My Livin'

Here is the back of an SUV.

Tonight I went to the hospital after work again. I had a great talk with the guy, first about hospital stuff and then about books and movies and food and sustainable agriculture. Even though he's still on pain meds, he's still too smart for his own good. I went home and picked Stinky up from work and we watched some stupid TV together. We were both pretty fried.

Tomorrow I get off work early to help the guy go home from the hospital. Yea! He will be so much happier there. I have no idea what to expect after that. I'm sure we'll all just have to see how it goes. I told him I'm available however he needs me, but he might just want some time alone finally too. I know I would after being poked and prodded and hovered over for a week.

I'm not sure what's on tap for this weekend. I want to run for sure. Coadster is coming back and then on Sunday, Stinky and I will drive her to Ames and attend her first choir concert as a college student. I'm going to try my hardest to be back in Iowa City before it gets too dark. It will be so weird, but nice not to be hanging at the hospital all weekend. I hope things just keep getting better and better.


rel said...

I can see you're a hit in Asia.
Nursing a loved one is a major stressor no matter how much you want to be there. But from the other side, it'samazing how healing a caring presence can be.

Johnny Yen said...

Hospitals are, ironically, very unrestful places to be. Had that very conversation with my patient yesterday, who'd had a hip replacement the day before. He just wanted to rest and he's getting bothered constantly. I'm sure your boyfriend will be glad to back home.

Tara said...

I'm glad he'll be able to go home. The hospital is not the best place for peaceful rest.

Good luck to Coadster for her first collecge choir concert (try saying that five times fast)!

laura b. said...

I hope things just keep getting better and better too! Have a great weekend with the girls. Let The Guy know there are a whole bunch of people he doesn't know who wish him well :-)

NoRegrets said...

I hope so too. Yeah, space will be needed and that's ok.

booda baby said...

It sounds like he's exactly as smart as he needs to be. He's working on healing & having SOME kind of relationship with you, isn't he? And one that doesn't involve a hospital. That's a perfect amount of smartness, imo.

Oooh, first college choir show!! Aren't you excited? I am, I am. Can't wait to see the pictures. Do they do that jazz hand thang in the big leagues? I don't know how long I'd be able to watch those.

Brando said...

Hope the recovery continues to proceed quickly. I'm sure being home will be a big psychological relief for him and that alone can do wonders.

SkylersDad said...

Good news that your guy is going home!