Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Birds Are Leaving Over Autumn's Ending

Here is some spray paint art.

Oh, kids. I had a wonderful night with the guy. He came over and for the first time since the accident, things almost felt kind of normal. I made tempeh reubens for dinner. He's not supposed to sit for very long. He has to either stand or lie down. Weird, huh?

Since it was such a blustery evening, I wasn't complaining one bit that we got to lie around and talk about every little thing that came into our heads, while we listened to the wind howl around the sanctuary of my little cottage.


rel said...

I'm starting to feel warm and fuzzy!

Tara said...

What is tempeh reubens? Sounds like an interesting meal!

booda baby said...

This is the best stage, when you stop sort of ... pretending to do intimate things and actually ARE intimate. I hardly remember what that's like. I only get A.-time if he's sick or exhausted.

NoRegrets said...

Nice. Chatting about everything is a great thing.

laura b. said...

Sounds like an absolutely perfect evening to me.

Brando said...

Accident aside, that sounds like a great evening.