Monday, October 11, 2010

The Feeling Returns Whenever We Close Our Eyes

The orchard.

Okay, kids. We actually went on the Monday night ride tonight. The guy and I were going to go anyway, but Bry was being all weird and wouldn't commit to it. I texted Bry to see if he was going to meet us, and he texted me back to tell me he had a rash and wasn't going to be able to make it. I texted him back and told him I hated it when his sex life got in the way of the Monday night ride and that I was counting on seeing him at 6. He responded by telling me he might need me to help apply some lotion on a certain spot for him. Then right before I got off work, he texted me to tell me he wasn't going to be able to make it, but he'd see me at 6. He thinks he's hilarious.

Of course, he was sitting at the bar with the guy when I got there and he was in fine form all night. The weather was perfect, the margaritas were nice and the company was wonderful. It might be the last Monday night ride of the season, so it was particularly sweet.


laura b. said...

All Mondays should be so fun and funny :-)

rel said...

It was a perfect fall day!
Howerver, while you were out playing, I was busting my butt cleaning the garden. :)

Susan said...

Sounds great!

Tara said...

That photo makes me want to go on a hayride. I think there are a few places nearby that have those going on this month.