Thursday, April 20, 2017

You Like Tomato, And I Like Tomahto.

Here I'm finally going to talk some about my ambitious garden plans for my yard. I'll first start by saying I don't understand why people want their yard to look like a golf course and spray poison all over them to kill dandelions that are really pretty and make the bees happy.

My goal is to make as much of my yard as possible into a garden. Since my backyard is very shady. I'm adding many hostas to the ferns and lilies that are already there. My front yard is now sunny, so I get to plant all of the things that haven't been able to grow well before the big tree died that made it all shady.

As you can see from the photo above, I dug out most of my front yard for a garden. It's a damn good thing I don't live in a housing development or I would have to get permission.

Two Sundays ago, John put up a great rabbit fence for the garden and I helped. I have never been in a relationship with anyone who works as hard as I do and who is so accommodating. When I asked him to help me put up the fence, he researched it, bought all the stuff and put it all up with a little help from me without grumbling or bitching...Except for a few swears when he had a hard time getting something to work correctly, but that's understandable. And I'm sure he doesn't really care that much about whether we have a rabbit fence or a garden. I feel very lucky to have such a great and caring partner in crime.

I also got all the seedlings into bigger containers a couple of weeks ago. They are growing much faster than I thought they would and since my tomatoes were getting a little too leggy, I decided to plant them outside last weekend. While I was out working in the garden on Easter, an older woman walked by, looked at my tomatoes and said, "My you are overly optimistic..." I told her that I did check the weather channel and there is no chance of frost through the first of May and I can always cover them if I have to. So there.

I do love working in my garden in the front yard. So many people walk their dogs or run or ride by and say hi and sometimes stop to talk or tell me that my garden looks great. It's a nice way to meet a lot of the neighbors, now that my kids aren't young and running around and I don't walk a dog around to meet people. The only drag is that I really love to talk to myself and sometimes I look up after living in my own world and having a detailed conversation with myself to see someone giving me the worried, arched eyebrow. Whatever. All I've ever wanted was to be a curmudgeonly old crone, and I'm finally getting old enough to make it happen for me.

My friend Burne was nice enough to drop off a pick-up load of horse poop that's been hanging out at his farm for many years. The plants love the soil it makes.

Right now, I have most of the Spring veggies/flowers planted: sugar snap peas, English peas, lettuce, arugula, spinach, carrots, beets, poppies, some kind of African Marigolds, brussels sprouts, lavender  and the not early Spring tomatoes. I've also lined the garden with Marigolds and a few torch sunflowers. I was able to swap seedlings with a neighbor for the lavender, some Impatiens and a moon flower. I have a few more weeks worth of set-up, planting and gardening to do before I get to start harvesting and will be bogged down with weeding. I can't wait.

So, I'm sure I will annoy you all with many more shots of my garden whenever it morphs this Summer, but hopefully it will be pretty.

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