Monday, April 17, 2017

When Streams are Ripe and Swelled With Rain.

Today I am mostly going to post photos of all my early Spring flowers.

This first one I found in my backyard just last year. I love it. It's called Pulmonaria or Lungwort. I hope to plant a lot more in my garden. It is a very early Spring bloom, but after it's done blooming, it still has those cool, spotted, leaves to look at for the rest of the Summer.

I planted some Hyacinths in my garden a few years ago. I originally planted purple, white and pink ones. The purple and white have taken off, but the the pink ones died out for some reason. They have a double bonus of smelling really good. And Archie likes them too.

I'm a big fan of tulips. I planted a bunch in an assortment of colors a few years ago. Then last Fall, I bought 25 more tulip bulbs and this time they were different variations of purples, whites and pinks. They are all blooming now and they make me very, very, happy.

The first Spring after I bought my house, I saw this scraggly looking bush coming up. I almost tore it out, thinking it was a weed, but I figured I'd wait and see if it was something cool. Turns out, it was something very cool. My bleeding hearts are some of my favorite flowers.

Of course, my lilacs are starting to bloom already, so I may not have to even go a week without some kind of flowers in my yard until Winter.

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