Wednesday, April 12, 2017

But Tomorrow May Rain, So I'll Follow the Sun

Archie found the sun in our house.
Well, kids. We finally got rid of our Seattle-like weather this weekend. So, I decided I better get my ass in shape, and apparently, I thought I could do it all in one weekend. Silly me. I think I've mentioned how hyper I get in the Spring. I have a hard time sitting still at all and when I do, my heart seems to be racing. Sleeping is also tough for me when the weather gets better. I suppose, if I die of a heart attack because of all of that, anyone who's ever met me, won't be surprised that I spazzed myself to death.

So, Friday after work, I did a 26 mile, very hilly, bike ride after work. On Saturday we did a windy, 35 mile bike ride to Riverside. Since a lot of our friends hadn't been riding much, I jumped up front to help shield them from the wind during the ride to Riverside, Iowa.

We had a nice lunch once we got there and then stopped over at our friend's house. He had his 1966 (?) Honda motorcycle out and all of our friends wanted to take it for a spin. It was pretty cute, but I'd rather ride my bike.

It was in the 70's and Spring was screaming at us in various shades and colors.

The ride back should have been less tiring since we had a nice tail wind to help us fly, except John decided he wanted to make us suffer, so he took off and a couple of us tried to chase him and keep up with him. Ouch! But on the cool side of things, we did go 31 mph for one of the miles. Zoom!

We got back into town and stopped at Big Grove. Originally, we were going to try and have a ping pong playing tournament there, but it was Mission Creek Festival and a big retirement party and too crowded for ping pong. When we rode up, there were so many bikes and drunk people running amok, that my friend said, "Damn! It's like RAGBRAI here."

Because it was Mission Creek, there were all kinds of free bands and many people we knew there. Originally, we thought we would only stay for a little bit, but we ended up there until about 8 o'clock. That's pretty late on a Saturday night for us. I love being old.


NoRegrets said...

Holy crap that's fast...

Tara Coady said...

we were aided by the wind. Which is always nice.