Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Somewhere There's Heaven. How High the Moon.

We made a new friend by the bike rack at Leaf Kitchen.
It is the land of birthdays in our house this week. John and his cat shared a birthday on Monday and Stinky had her golden birthday on Tuesday.

Both John and I took the day off for his birthday. Probably one of the best birthday presents you can give yourself - a Monday off of work.

We woke up and drank coffee and tea and John opened a couple of his presents. Then we took a townie ride to Leaf Kitchen for brunch. we both had the smoked salmon eggs Benedict with potatoes. So amazingly good.

After lunch, John went for a short run and I read my book on the back porch. In the afternoon we played mountain bikes on the trails at Sugar Bottom. We hadn't been mountain biking and we really missed it, but we both were a little rusty on the first set of trails.

In the evening we did our Monday Night Ride with some friends and had a lovely time.

We all went out for dinner for Stinky's birthday. We checked out a new place in town called, Apres. They are a wine bar that serves tapas. Really, really good tapas.

We shared some fun dips and then we each got our own small plates of food. I loved everything I tried. I do have to say that they might want to add a few more chips, crackers and bread to their dips.

Instead of cake, Stinky wanted to do the table side s'mores. It was a fun concept, but again., I think they needed to even out their portions of each thing. We could have used a few more graham crackers to match the amount of chocolate and marshmallows we got. It's a new restaurant, and that is such a little thing to fix. I hope they do well, because we loved the place.

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