Friday, September 04, 2015

Imagine All the People Living Life in Peace.

So, yesterday after work I was going to do a nice little, time trial, bike ride, but when I got home, I saw John's car parked in the street. I thought that was weird, but when I got closer to the house, I saw this.

Que' Lastima! One of the big, beautiful trees had cracked-off a very, large, limb. Lucky for John, he drove to work, so his car wasn't in the exact spot in the driveway where the tree limb fell. Lucky for me, It fell about a millimeter from my car and as far as I can tell, didn't even leave a scratch on it. And lucky for both of us, the tree is on the easement of land between the street and the sidewalk that the city is responsible for handling. I called the city and I'll find out when I get home tonight if it's been taken care of or not.

After all of that, I decided not to ride and stayed home and cooked picnic food for dinner. It was in the 90's around here and we don't have air conditioning, so it does behoove us to eat cooler types of food.

 All that drama just might have freaked-out Archie just a little...

...But Heidi found her quiet space and meditated right through it.

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