Thursday, September 03, 2015

And We Don't Care About Our Own Faults.

I'm sad to see August, along with Summer, riding away from us. It was a big month for me in many ways. I was recovering from my July of vacations, Coadster moved in with us and John's sister visited. I screwed up my ankle for a couple of weeks when I crashed in that mountain bike race and couldn't run much then. Here are my August stats:

Miles run: Just under 60

Miles biked: Just under 600

Miles swum? swam?: 800 meters

Different types of bikes ridden: 5 of my 6.

Races competed in: 4 - 1 road, 1 time trial and 2 mountain bike

Books read: 5 - The Valley of Amazement/Amy Tan, Let the Great World Spin/Colum Mccann, Lucky Us/Amy Bloom, Island of the Blue Dolphins/Scott O'Dell, Oryx and Crake/Margaret Atwood

Concerts attended: 1 - Ricki Lee Jones

Blog posts written: 15

Days I played outside at some point: Every

Paintings or drawings started or finished: 0, but I did get the ink and the adhesive I need to complete the painting I'm working, so I think I finally have the logistics down...

House projects started or completed: 0

Days I was annoyed by my cats: Every

So, how was your month?


rel said...

Wow, you've been quite fully occupied this summer. It seems like a good thing.
I've been as busy as I want to be, but nothing close to you.
Did two Half marathons and have the Marine corps marathon to look forward to the end of October.
Working on my novel; mostly researching, but some moments of inspiration get jotted down.
Retirement? I never wanted to retire, but as I get older my energy level is finite and I have a couple of things left on my bucket list. So, in January I'm going to test the waters of semi-retirement by spending Jan., Feb., and Mar. in Florida. When I return I'm only going to work Mon., Tues., and Wed..

Churlita said...

It sounds like you have a lot of changes a'brewin'. Good luck with all of the newness!