Monday, September 22, 2014

It's the Room, the Sun and the Sky

Just wanted to show you the mostly finished product of the dormer room. I think we'll move the trunk to the back wall and put a bigger coffee table in the center so we can put our feet up when we read and play board games on it. The stairway was too narrow to bring up the oversized reading chair and John had me give our futon chair to Stinky and she claims she needs it, so I can't ask for it back...So, right now we're using an old chair of John's that I love, but want to reupholster, but I also want to get another futon couch, so we have another space for guests/Stinky when she visits, and I can take a little snooze when my eyes get tired from reading...Yes, I am old and I'm a huge fan of napping.


silly rabbit said...

I too am a huge fan of naps. I think the room looks great. You have a fun sense of color and space.

rel said...

Good to hear from you stranger. Glad to see that life is treating you well. As far as being old; take it from someone older and nappier, your still a young whipper-snapper. ;)