Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Because Time Won't Give Me Time

We had some big birthdays the last couple of days. We went to Madison this weekend to celebrate John's 50th birthday. We did a cyclo-cross race in Waterloo, Wisconsin at the Trek headquarters with some of the biggest names in the US for the sport. I will try to write more about the race later. We also had a lovely dinner with some of my family members at an Oyster bar.

Stinky turned 21 yesterday. Coadster came back from Des Moines to have dinner with us and to take this "lovely" photo. It's so weird to think of my girls as being in their twenties. I am still digging the empty nest gig, but also glad that they both live close enough to see on a regular basis.

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silly rabbit said...

I loved my daughter so much when she was at home and thought that when she left that it was going to cool down. She was busy at first, but I truly believe that we have grown closer as the years pass and we begin to share experiences that were not there before. For example men in general, recipes, raising kids,etc. She is my closest friend and always will be.