Thursday, January 12, 2012

You Know I'd Give You Everything I've Got For a Little Peace of Mind

Wisconsin sure does love its kitschy cows.

My cat is a total asshole. He woke me up several times last night. The last time, I must have had my head down, so he put his claws (he did try to be gentle) into my scalp. I got up and gave him a kitty time-out in the spare bedroom.

Even more kitschy Wisconsin cows.

I'm not sure what the best solution is. If we lock him out of the room, he sits by the door and meows. Loudly. I think tonight. We'll start with locking him out of the room and if he starts to meow, we'll put him in the spare bedroom. We also might give him a handful of food before bed too. We've been trying to watch how much we feed him because he's getting so fat, but I don't think it would kill him to get just enough food, to make him sleepy.

If not, I might have to figure out a way to make sure he stays awake during the day, so he's actually tired and sleeps at night. Stupid, dumb, cat.


jeci said...

Ah. We went through this with one of our (especially stubborn cats). If we locked her out of the room for bad behaviour, she would scratch the door to the point of actual damage, in addition to yowling. We avoided trying again for years, until finally I was too sleep-deprived to go on. We waited for a weekend, and then locked her out and made her cry it out (so to speak). When she fussed or scratched or otherwise misbehaved trying to get back in we just ignored her entirely. It took two long, noisy nights, but she gave up by the third night and we've had peace since then. In short: gritting your teeth and ignoring is the key, and then sleeping in the next day and lots of caffeine. Good luck!

laura b. said...

I like those kitchy cows!

I don't have any good cat advice. I've never had one who insisted I be up if they were up. Jeci's advice sounds good though. Like letting your baby cry it out -which, by the way, I could never manage to do :)

Tara said...

When Skittles was around, and Joshua would stay over, the two of them would hiss and howl at each other all night. The next day, I'd be so bitter about my lack of sleep that I'd wake them up to deliberately annoy them for vengeance.

NoRegrets said...

Again, cats can be trained. They really can. you can do it!!!