Friday, January 13, 2012

I'd Rather be a Comma Than a Full Stop.

The asshole, peaking out from the kitchen sink.

Winter finally came down hard on us Iowans yesterday. Making up for lost time, I suppose. It snowed and got blustery and cold.

The Guy and I shoveled snow right after work, and then we ordered pizza. We drank a couple of glasses of wine and watched The African Queen. I do like watching movies that take place in extreme heat when it is ridiculously cold outside. I hadn't seen the movie since I was a kid, and I had forgotten how deliciously schmaltzy it was.

The asshole in a more pensive state.

I am happy to report that Archie did let me sleep last night. I gave each of the cats a small handful of food before I went to bed and locked them out of our room. I heard Archie meow at one point, but ignored him and he stopped once he realized he wasn't getting what he wanted. Whew!

This weekend is the first in a while where we don't have big things planned. We are having a few people over tonight for fish tacos and frijoles. The rest of the weekend should be pretty mellow...I hope. I want to swim and ride the trainer and run and if we get really lucky, we might actually be able to cross-country ski. My other big goal is to finally paint the trim in the spare bedroom and read as much of my book, Last Call (about Prohibition) as possible. Thank the gods and goddesses, I have three days off to try and do all of this.


laura b. said...

Glad that little jerk let you sleep ;-)

I hope you have a great weekend and get a chance to do all of your activities in a relaxing manner.

rel said...

Winter reintroduced itself to us here with a 20 hour ice storm yesterday and now we are in a blizzard, the deep freeze is to begin tonight.
Last night on my FB page:
2 slices of Greek pizza
2 glasses of red wine
2 Dove dark chocolates
Must be the weather,

Tara said...

My mom calls her cat the "Little Sh**" sometimes, because he likes to wake her up early, too.

I hope you get a restful weekend! I saw the photo on FB that you did get to do some cross country skiing! Beautiful shot, too.

NoRegrets said...

Enjoy! The cats get used to being locked out, don't worry.

Logo Design Guru said...

Enjoy! The cats get used to being locked out, don't worry.

Johnny Yen said...

Looking forward to your review of Okrent's book. I coincidentally read another book on the subject, Edward Behr's "Prohibition: Thirteen Years That Changed America," a book I'd picked up in used book store about ten years ago, right before the PBS series, which was based on Okrent's book.