Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Here are some more wildflowers.

Check me out. Tomorrow is my last day before my week long vacation. I know it seems like I'm on vacation every week...And I kind of am. But in another month, I'll have blown through all of my vacation days, and I'll be back to working a full 40 hours a week like everyone else.

Right now, though? Right now, I'm planning a weeks worth of activities.

Tomorrow I have to drive to the Quad Cities right after work and pick up my race packet for the Bix ( a 7 mile race in Davenport). I'll try to get home as soon as I get it. Then a friend of mine might have some girls over for movie night. If she doesn't, I'll probably just come home and try to go to sleep as early as possible.

I'll wake up on Saturday around 5 am (Lord, help me), drive to the Quad Cities again, run my race and hang out at the after party for a while. There are supposed to be some amazing world class runners at the Bix this year, and I figure it could be fun to meet me one or two of them.

I will try to blog the rest of the week - mostly because I make myself write every weekday, but I don't know how actively I'll be reading and commenting on everyone else's blogs. I'm sure none of you will be surprised when I tell you that I plan on keeping busy this week.

I'm going to try to run, bike, hike and kayak as much as possible. By Friday, we're going to get most of the people who went on my birthday, to play hooky and have another paddle/float party on the lake.

I have a ton of house projects I want to get going on too. I'm just gonna have to work hard at balancing my fun time with my project time.

Last night, Stinky got off work around 10 o'clock. She and her boyfriend came in with a DVD they just rented and said they would love to hang out with me and watch the movie outside on the porch again. I reminded them that I had to work in the morning, but promised that we'd watch a movie outside again next week, while I was off work.

Soooo, I have a lot to look forward to. As usual, I'll try to make the most out of my time away from work. I plan to play as hard as I work and appreciate the hell out of everyone and everything around me. Amen.


rel said...

Run well!

Tara said...

Good luck with your race tomorrow!

Enjoy every minute of your vacation too. I can't wait for my week-long vacation in a few months.

Mnmom said...

Enjoy your vacation! Go pick blueberries - today I'm remembering a berry farm outside IC that was just busting with them!

NoRegrets said...

It's great that your kids want to spend time with you. And so odd that I don't have house projects!

laura b. said...

Have a great time at your race and a wonderful vacation. I can't wait for my week off towards the end of August.

dmarks said...

Have fun!

SkylersDad said...

Good luck on your run, don't get caught up in the whole race atmosphere and go out too hard!

booda baby said...

Happy HAPPY vacation!! I can hardly wait to hear how your run/race went - and then all the other vacation projects. That's what a vacation is for me, now - a project. I wonder what it would feel like to do NOTHING at all. I like thinking it would feel dull. (That's my story, sticking to it and all that.)