Sunday, July 11, 2010

All These Things That I've Done

Some old skool Dubliners.

My goodness, but this has been one busy and social, social, social weekend. So social, in fact, that I'm thinking I'll have to hang out by myself, in my lair for a while, to recover from it .

It all started out so well...Around noon, I found out that my friend P was well enough to get out of the ICU and into a regular room. Then around 3, I got a text from a friend telling me that his 4 year old son was finally in remission. It had been well over a year and against incredible odds, so the news was particularly sweet. What a little trooper. So, I rode my bike home from work all elated and positive and carried it on by running. Right after my run, I was suddenly exhausted. I decided to "rest my eyes" and fell asleep for a little bit. I woke up to a couple of texts and phone calls from people.

I decided to meet my friend Molly at the Dublin around 9. I took her apartment for a semester when I first moved to Iowa City and she left to study abroad. I hadn't seen her since 1988 and she was back visiting from North Carolina. It was amazing how we were able to just pick right back up and have a great conversation, until she had to go back to her hotel and tend to her husband and kids. My friend K. was at the Foxhead and apparently, a couple of sheets to the wind. She kept texting me, telling me I needed to come to the Foxhead and meet these super hot, really sweet guys she was hanging out with, but I told her thanks, but I was going to stay put. I was happy enough to hang out with my girlfriends and shoot the shit. I finally left and gave Eggo and her husband a ride home and it was a nice mellow night.

G. and the Docteur.

On Saturday, I ran my 8 mile route and got a little dehydrated. When I got home, I did some yard work and some cleaning and ran a few errands with Coadster.

In the evening, I had some more texts from people. Erik was in town, so K. told me to meet them at the Dublin. I also got a text from Ellen asking me if I was going to a cookout on Sunday for a friend of ours in town from Norway. July 4th week, seems to bring all the ex-pats back into town.

The Dublin was fun. There were some of the old skool patrons visiting and Dr. Lyd came down with her husband and it was all great, but I was soooo exhausted and finally had to go home.

Stinky was supposed to get back from camp at 3:30 in the morning. Crazy, isn't it? I wasn't sure how I would ever stay up for that, but then she texted me and asked if her boyfriend could pick her up instead. It worked for me. She woke me up when she got home and I vaguely remember telling her I loved her and that I was happy she was home. We watched the DVD of her week and it looked amazing. They were in air conditioned cabins on Lake Superior where they swam and boated and parasailed and had funky, themed dances and had all these "pushing people off of wet logs in the lake" kinds of challenges. If they had something like that for adults, I'd sign up in a second.

I took the day off of running today. I stopped by the BBQ and saw a bunch of my old college buddies. My friends, whose son had the sudden brain tumor were there and their son looks really good. He still has trouble moving the right side of his body, but he's able to talk again and they're all working like crazy to get him back to speed. He turns 7 next month, and I know they're planning on celebrating the hell out of that birthday.

Okay. I think that's about enough for any one weekend. I'm retreating to my lair now, to finish reading Frankenstein and decompress.


rel said...

I'm finding trying to stuff a life into two days a challenge. You?

Ananda girl said...

What a busy weekend! You amaze me.

Great news about your friend and the boy. I am happy for you all.

laura b. said...

Lots of good stuff going on....good news, good friends, good social skills all around! I can imagine wanting to rest up after a weekend like that :-)

Churlita said...

REl, For sure. Especially since I've been so spoiled lately and I keep taking these longer weekends.

Ananda, It was really great news. My friend who had the heart attack, just went home from the hospital today. He is a miracle.

lauraB, I definitely let myself rest and have some alone time tonight. It's been lovely.