Wednesday, August 15, 2018

And So It's All the Same to me. I Think I'll Just Let the Mystery Be

The Sedum plant at the top of this photo is what I'm talking about.

The world is a weird place. I like that about the world, but even in my 50's, there are still many mysteries I will never uncover.

One of those mysteries happened a few weeks ago in my front yard. Earlier in the Spring, one of my coworkers asked me if I wanted to Sedum plants. I looked up what they were on-line and said, "Hell yes!"

I planted them right close to the road and hoped the bunnies and deer wouldn't like them. My hopes were dashed when I noticed that the flower buds on one of the plants had been chewed off, presumably by deer. They didn't bother them at all after that until a couple of weeks ago. When we got back from RAGBRAI, the Sedum plant closest to the road was completely gone. Like someone had dug it up by the roots. I thought it must have been an aggressive deer and figured I'd try to get another one to replace it next Spring.

Then last week, I went to water those plants and saw that someone (or something?) had placed the whole plant, roots and all right next to where it had been planted. What the hell? I have no idea what happened. If someone or something pulled up my plant and left it somewhere and someone else who walked by my place, knew where it was supposed to go and returned it? Did a deer take it and in a fit of remorse, brought it back? Was it abducted by aliens, given a rectal probe and then dropped off back where it was taken? I may never know. I guess some mysteries of the universe won't ever be solved. Weird.

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